Learn coding, publish Apps to earn. RoboGarden and Eupheus Learning have partnered to deliver an initiative  to bring a School-Wide License of RoboGarden to +500 schools across India - That's up to +25,000 hours of coding education for ALL the students.

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Get Access to 16 hours (self learning) Course

In this journey, Students will get familiar with all programming concepts from simple sequencing to conditions, loops, nested structures. This is a compressed journey from beginner level to moderate programming level in funny puzzles to solve.

Note: The application must be completed by the student

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Live Online Training

Extensive 1 hour training from our Instructors, students will build in-demand skills and get familiar with the platform through seamless onboarding—all from the comfort of home.

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The Complete Roadmap to Learning to Code
RoboGarden offers a complete, game-based suite to teach coding from beginner to professional level.

Develop Games with our Advanced Programs

Our certification programs on coding will equip you with 21st century skills and give you the expertise to survive and thrive in tomorrow's world which would be driven by Automation, Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) and Internet of things (IOT). Learn how to create your own Games in 40 Hours to 104 Hours ( Blockly to Python ) and start a new Journey!

National Competition

Prizes for Top 3; Consolation prizes for 10; Trophy and Certificates to all. Learn2Code National Challenge is an open call for fresh thought and inspired innovation coming out from the indian talents.


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